Monday, January 2, 2012

check 'em off!

major crack down.
ive only got until april 28th to finish quite a bit on this list. this may be rather difficult, since there are quite a few travel related and...well, skydiving related things to check off.
on the plus side, i have knocked out a few...
ok. honestly, i just gave up on #24. i got about 1/3 of the way thru the last twilight book, and i couldn't take it. it was just too cheesy for me. (i'll still see the movie, tho.)
#37 sort-of happened on accident. a couple friends and i decided to go to Tulalip to play bingo one night (which, yes, i know is gambling, too) but we ended up in the wrong building, and were too lazy to walk to the other building, so we stayed and played the slots. with gas and food...i broke even. 'twas a good night.
technically, i didnt do #43, but my dear father painted our house this past year. and it looks great!
finally renewed my license, #77, but now i must renew it again, as i just got married! :-)
#85 has been crossed off several times, as we have ventured to eastern washington, portland, and the coast several times.
we had a fantastic trip to Disney World, which also included The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. One of my most favoritest trips ever! technically, that was already crossed off, since we went to Disneyland again...but, still, Disney World is a whole new experience. this also counts for #12, as we rode several roller coasters. altho, i fully plan on riding faster and larger roller coasters in the future - like a nice trip to Six Flags - but for now, this is worth a cross-off.
my lovely husband got me a new iphone for christmas, so #96 is now crossed off, as i am now moving my music collection over to said iphone.

here's to the next four months!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

side note on #90

i mentioned before that i was planning a trip to Disneyworld for 90.
that plan has since canceled because we have made a bigger plan to go back to europe.
buuuuuut....just yesterday we decided to continue my Disney-birthday tradition (that was just started last year, but i fully intend to have it last) and go to Disneyland...which is much cheaper.



sad, i know - but i have a huge magazine problem.
i buy loads of them a month.
but i have finally made myself subscribe to them all.
saves a butt-load of money.

so 17 is crossed off.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

#36 and #83 checked off...with a few close calls.

so my boy and i took a trip to arizona last week - and a day visit to the grand canyon, checking off #36...which is ALSO a world heritage site, lucky me - so ive got 1 out of 2 for #7.
and we planned, (bought tickets and everything) to visit six flags, which would have crossed off my #12, but, alas, the exact week we go is the first week that they start only being open on weekends...which is when we left. very mad at them. but we can use the tickets through the end of the year, so we're planning a weekend trip some time. ;-)
also...for my #32...we may have unitentionally stayed in a haunted hotel...? my boy woke me up in the middle of the night saying he saw a little girl at the foot of the bed...F-uh-REAKED me out so! ...didnt fall asleep for another 3 hours...with the light on. but i wont cross that off just yet.

then...i also finished #83 - the wii 30-day challenge. which, by the by, is not the wii fit 'game' - its this ea active 'game' that kinda kicks your ass. so we've also started another 30-day challenge on it as well.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009



(im a little obesessed with Disney places)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

and start. ...#42

so ive purchased 'wreck this journal' and ill now have to start my 1001 days...yesterday. i was gonna wait until i finished my list, but im slow and ive got 80, so ill just get a move on it.
according to my calculations (aka...the online date calculator) my 1001 days will be over april 28, 2012.
so, now i have to get my 'wreck this journal' flickr thang started.
ill keep your eager minds posted.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

the list.

newly inspired by the 101 in 1001 days list - i am starting my own.

here is the list:

1 - return to prague
2 - finish painting bedroom
3 - clean out den and make...a den...and project room
4 - see flogging molly
5 - read 'on the road'
6 - basement = bar/game room
7 - visit, at least, 2 more world heritage sites (1 out of 2)
8 - re-learn norwegian
9 - start 365 day self-portrait project
10 - join church with matthew
11 - figure out perfect garlic mashed potatoes recipe
12 - ride crazy-scary roller coaster
13 - get on a regular work-out routine [one month minimum to check off list]
14 - learn to crochet and/or knit
15 - climb [part of] mt rainier
16 - visit mt st helens crater
17 - subscribe to all magazines i continue to buy monthly
18 - paint (or get new) cupboards in kitchen
19 - finish painting living room [ceiling]
20 - cut down tree/shrub/thing in front yard
21 - take a cooking class with matt
22 - disneyland scrapbook
23 - get back to selling my jewelry
24 - finish reading the twilight (yes) series
25 - host 'pool' party
26 - have a fancy dinner part-ay
27 - finish 24 (or however much is out by the end of 1001 days....)
28 - visit victoria bc
29 - finish crazy quilt
30 - make a new qulit - t-shirt quilt, symetrical crazy quilt...
31 - turn my yard into the yard thats in my head (started)
32 - stay in a 'haunted' hotel
33 - professionally frame/mat mucha prints
34 - have one month (at least) of fresh flowers in the house
35 - re-learn czech
36 - visit the grand canyon
37 - gamble at the indian res
38 - get a bike...bicycle - mt or dutch?
39 - take another rafting trip
40 - day trip to the hoh rain forest
41 - cranium night
42 - wreck this journal (started)
43 - paint house - exterior
44 - turn my friends into caricatures
45 - go on a picnic
46 - return to dyed hair for a bit
47 - bring matt and the ouji board into the basement...and maybe a few more witnesses
48 - finally get rid of all my non-needed-shiz and have a yard sale
49 - visit SAM
50 - go a day without tv or computer (i know, only a day, thus far)
51 - eat at a morrocan restaurant
52 - go to the seattle international film festival
53 - do a shirshasana - yoga headstand
54 - lose 20 pounds
55 - go to a play at the 5th ave
56 - have a shopping 'spree' at a good thrift and/or antique store
57 - be done with cc debt
58 - shoot some shiz at a gun range
59 - visit the sci-fi museum & emp
60 - buy some fresh crab at pike place and steam it up
61 - drag matt on a photobooth shoot once/wk for at least a month
62 - water-balloon-fight party
63 - map out future road trip
64 - have a celebrity take my picture
65 - go to a sounder's game
66 - watch the exorcist
67 - go skydiving
68 - have christmas morning at my house
69 - buy 2-3 jane austen masterpiece theater movies
70 - finally set-up compost bin in & outdoors
71 - photo-journal of "T"s
72 - watch the 11th hour
73 - put $1/day in a jar for these 1001 days
74 - visit freerice at least once a week
75 - go to a driving range
76 - go a week without chocolate milk...sigh
77 - renew my licence
78 - perfect my thai iced tea
79 - send and get snail-mail through postcrossing...but still goin' strong
80 - float [the] river
81 - start selling on etsy
82 - eat fully healthy for a month, minimum
83 - do wii 30-day challenge
84 - try that mystery ice cream that always has a ginormous line! in wallingford
85 - venture out on another road trip - big or small
86 - get new [creative] job
87 - clean out carport
88 - buy more cardigans to stray away every once-in-awhile from my hoodies
89 - buy flight of the conchords seasons (my boy surprised me and bought me season 1!)
90 - take another trip to Disneyland...or Disneyworld! (Disneyworld planned!!!)
91 - go to a seahawk's game
92 - get a new northface fleece
93 - buy new camcorder
94 - learn to play golf
95 - celebrate oktoberfest in leavenworth
96 - clean up and organize nano playlist(s)
97 - make shoe "drawer" under bed
98 - rototill and make patio in backyard
99 - make a new culural meal each month
100 - go on another trip with bang
101 - ride a train in the states